What we do
The 'Drop-in' centre
A place where vulnerable residents with either emotional, psychological, health, housing or financial needs, and who fail to make the most of statutory provided services by reason of their social, health and financial situations can come for help and support.
Whilst it is not the aim of Crosspoint to provide CAB style advice it can provide the following :
Providing a place where residents can "drop in" for a chat (relives loneliness etc)
  • It is an access point to communicate with government, council/ housing association.
  • Providing residents with assistance in reading, understanding and filling out official forms.
  • Support residents through processes to conclusion including acting as advocates.
  • Providing free phone and computer access.
  • Provides the local Food Bank in partnership with the Warminster Food Bank.
  • Provides a CV Preparation Service.
Debt Counselling
Community Money Advice is a national money advice charitable service authoried by the FCS which provides debt counselling and money management advice.
Crosspoint works in conjunction with a Bradford on Avon Charity which is affiliated to CMA. This provides Crosspoint's counsellors with the necessary FCS creditation Crosspoint has a number of counsellors and funds their training and support.
These counsellors work out of the Crosspoint Office and all their clients are local to the Westbury area.
Clients may request this service by applying at the Drop In Centre.
Westbury Counselling Service
Personal counselling is provided for those in need in the Westbury area. Our counsellors work with a wide range of issues; if it is thought that a specialist service would a better choice for someone, for example to help with an addiction, then our counsellors would be able to help advise on this.
The services provides one on one counselling for up to twelve weekly sessions free of charge. To access this anyone can refer themselves by completing a form from Crosspoint, The White Horse Health Centre or the Childrens Centre. It is also possible to see one of the counselling therapist by dropping into Crosspoint during one of our Monday afternoon open sessions between 2.30 and 4p.m. This would allow them to meet you and help you access your needs.
Our Monday afternoon drop in sessions allow people to meet for a chat and a cup of tea.It provides the opportunity for social contact.
Our counsellors are all experienced therapist and supported by highly qualified supervisors.
Food Bank
Crosspoint (Westbury) works in conjuction with the Warminster Food Bank to provide emergency food aid.
Vouchers for food are issued by the local schools, surgery, childrens centre, and health workers.